The Saga of the Tin 'all

PCC, like several Penge churches, began with a corrugated iron hall, known locally as the "Tin 'All", or even "Tin Cathedral" (left). The 'All, erected in 1908, was used until 1911 when the Kenilworth Hall was finished and building of the present church was about to start. It was resold to Southall Congregational Church in Middlesex. Subsequently, Southall church became the Sikh Guru Granth Gurdwara ("Gurdwara" translates roughly as "God's Place"). In 1986, we were sent a photograph (middle) with "our" part of the building still in place (less its steeple), under the name "Mangat Hall". It was finally demolished in 2001, and the right side photo shows the sad remains in March 2002.

For more information on the history, see Chris Doran's articles in the following newsletters

Feburary 2013