Our Basis of Fellowship

This Church is a fellowship of those who desire to live and aid one another in the endeavour to live a life inspired by the spirit and teaching of Jesus.
While general agreement in religious aims and ideals is desired, no assent is required to any written or recited creed.
It is an association of men and women whose aim is to secure helpfulness in worship, community in service, independence in character and moral integrity, rather than uniformity of belief.
Members are free both as to Baptism and Communion, these services being a means of grace, and neither a rule of worship, nor a condition of membership.
While recognising the true brotherhood of all sincere Christians to whatever Church they may belong, its own basis of fellowship and form of government that is commonly known as Congregational, and it claims entire freedom from all human authority and control external to itself.


We hold two services every Sunday, our morning (10:30am) and evening (6:30pm) regular services. The morning service is also a communion service on the third Sunday of every month; where we have an open table. The evening service is sometimes also a Taize service.
For our full calendar, see the dedicated calendar page, which is updated every month.